In-Office Treatments

Botox Lip Flip


*Note: This is an in-office treatment and requires a free consultation by one of our  board-certified medical providers. Treatment is dependent on whether you’re a suitable candidate.

Beautiful lips (think Angelina and Scarlett) don't just have proper volume - they have pout. Enter the Botox "Lip Flip," for creating a natural up-turn in the upper lip. Using a very fine needle, a few drops of Botox are used to relax the muscle around the top lip. The result is a natural, well-defined upper lip. Can be used with or without lip fillers.

What You Get: Lip Flip Treatment with 6 Units of Botox

Treatment Time: 5 minutes

Down Time: None

Pairs Well With: Restylane KysseJuvederm Volbella XC

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