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Glacial Rx

Add-On, Spot Freeze:

Glacial Rx—the next big thing in cryoaesthetics. Glacial Rx gives you healthier, more radiant skin, with NO downtime! This one of a kind facial treatment uses patented cooling technology to reduce inflammation, even skin tone, reduce redness, and eliminate age spots. Glacial Rx is also effective in reducing hyperpigmentation, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, and for skin lightening. Glacial Rx is FDA-cleared, learn more here.

  • Down regulate inflammation with precision cooling
  • Normalize melanin production, brighten skin
  • Reduce redness
  • Accelerate exfoliation of dead skin cells, revealing radiant skin
  • Remove age spots

What You Get: Single or Multi-Pack Glacial Rx Treatment, with optional Spot Freeze Add-On

What It's For: Skin Rejuvenation, Brightening, Firming, Restoring, Anti-Aging, Age Spots, Calming

Treatment Time: 45 minutes

Down Time: None

Recommended Use: Every 4-8 weeks, up to 6 times per year

Location: Bloom Health is conveniently located in Bloomfield Hills at the northeast corner of Telegraph & Square Lake Rd (across from Target.)

Scheduling: Reserve your appointment at the time of purchase. For assistance, text or call the Front Desk at 248.365.0311.

Pairs Well With: BH Signature Facial, BH Hydrafacial, VI Peel

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