Buffered C Powder


Thorne Buffered C Powder offers a clean source of 100% buffered and reduced L-ascorbate. An essential co-factor and antioxidant for the human body, this formula is triple recrystallized under nitrogen to enhance potency. Vitamin C supports detoxification, neurotransmitter synthesis, tissue repair, and immune function.

What You Get: Thorne Buffered C Powder (8.15 oz)

Active Ingredient: Vitamin C (100% L-ascorbate, fully reduced and buffered)

Serving Size: 5.5g

Amount Per Serving: 2.35g mg L-ascorbate

Servings Per Container: 42

Other Ingredients: Potassium (as ascorbate), Calcium (as ascorbate), Magnesium (as ascorbate)

Recommended Use: Take one scoop mixed with a glass of water daily

About Thorne: Thorne is a recognized leader in creating clean and safe supplement products, void of any harsh chemicals or ingredients, and backed by rigorous clinical research.

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