Biologique Recherche

Masque Bain de Plantes


The Bain de Plantes Mask is designed for use on the face, body and hair. Formulated with sebo-regulating and purifying active ingredients, it helps remove excess sebum on the surface of the epidermis and scalp, while also regulating the rate of secretion without irritating or dehydrating the skin. The scalp is left rebalanced and cleansed.

What’s Included: Biologique Recherche Masque Bain de Plantes

Available Sizes: 3.4 fl oz (100 mL)

Key Ingredients: Complex based on Terminalia (Tropical Almond), Epilobium
(Willowherb), Nasturtium,  Zinc Thyme Essential Oil Complex made of Enanthia, Chlorantha, Oleanic Acid

How to Use: Lather with cold water and rinse off using moistened non-woven gauze pads.

About Biologique Recherche: Biologique Recherche is a recognized leader in medical-grade skincare and is available exclusively through physician providers like Bloom Health. Biologique products are scientifically backed to promote healthier and more radiant looking skin.

Pairs Well With: Lotion P50, Creme PIGM 400

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