Redness Relief CalmPlex


Clinically proven to calm visible redness from irritation, ultraviolet light, and other aggravations, the SkinMedica Redness Relief Calmplex is an award-winning skincare product appropriate for all skin types. With a gentle formula and a healing recipe, the SkinMedica Redness Relief Calmplex was developed through years of research, testing, and studies to bring comfort and relief to sensitive redness and chronic irritation spots. Hydrate your pores, restore your skin’s protective barrier, and relieve itching and irritation from rosacea with a light cream designed for everyday use.

What's Included: SkinMedica Redness Relief Calmplex

Available sizes: 1.6 oz

Key Ingredients: Calmplex ™ , Vitamin B-3, niacinamide, jojoba seed oil

How to Use: Apply once or twice daily or as needed to sensitive and irritated skin or areas of redness. Avoid contact with eyes or mouth.

About SkinMedica: SkinMedicais a recognized leader in medical-grade skincare and is available exclusively through physician providers like Bloom Health. SkinMedica products are scientifically backed to promote healthier and more radiant looking skin.

Pairs Well With: SkinMedica Facial Cleanser, SkinMedica Award Winning System, SkinMedica Sensitive Skin Cleanser

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