Biologique Recherche

Lait E.V.


A makeup remover that also moisturizes and protects, Lait E.V. is perfectly in harmony with epidermis. Its active ingredients maintain the integrity of the barrier function and protect skin from drying out. As well as providing nourishment and suppleness, the fluid gently removes impurities from the skin while keeping dryness at bay. Skin is cleansed, pure and healthy.

What’s Included: Biologique Recherche Lait E.V.

Available Sizes: 5.1 fl oz (150 mL) or 8.4 fl oz (250 mL)

Key Ingredients: Coconut derived surfactants, Cellular Oligopeptides, Vitamins E and F

How to Use: Lather with smoothing strokes from the center outwards, starting on the décolleté and working your way up to the top of the face. Remove with damp non-woven gauze pads. Repeat until all impurities have been removed. Dry with a paper tissue.

About Biologique Recherche: Biologique Recherche is a recognized leader in medical-grade skincare and is available exclusively through physician providers like Bloom Health. Biologique products are scientifically backed to promote healthier and more radiant looking skin.

Pairs Well With: Lotion P50, Creme PIGM 400

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